Facility Condition Assessments

Sustainable Designs and Facility Conditions Assessment

Facility Condition Assessment is the foundation which SEDESCO outlines paths for successful facility upgrades, remediation of conditions (including structural) requiring repairs and retrofits projects to improve facility operational reliability, safety, ease of maintenance and operations cost savings, and closely work with client personnel in co-authoring identified conditions and problem solutions. In order to justify capital expenditures we perform the necessary tasks common for facility condition assessments and in case of assignments aiming energy cost savings, perform the necessary tasks of Level 2 or 3 (ASHRAE) energy audits. We work with client finance personnel comparing the facilities condition with the projected costs of needed repairs and renovations and other pertinent reviews; helping store data in a system that allows managers/operators to develop future budgets. All the while staying abreast with the latest technology. Due diligence in facility condition assessments helps our customers establish the financial means that will be critical in controlling costs while we resolve the most crucial deficiencies. Here at SEDESCO we have the expertise, tools and technology, and working relations with individuals and firms that enjoys teaming with us especially if such assessments require large teams covering variety of building trades (beyond mechanical, plumbing, electrical, controls).

MEP Design

MEP & Alternate Energy Systems Design

Our efforts in MEP and Alternate Energy Systems Design is deeply rooted in most earth friendly and environmentally responsible designs and lowest life cycle costs of owning and operating facility systems. While several of our efforts address existing facilities, and the constraints we work within, we also support developers, owners and architects in "re-thinking" and doing the right thing, that is, designing and specifying systems that are right sized, offers lowest resistance to its functions (such as hydronic distribution systems), and creatively designed to operate at highest and optimum efficiency range through varying facility, ambient and load conditions. We also review and redesign complex hybrid and alternate energy systems. As an example, hourly analysis of a system comprising geothermal, solar thermal, ice storage, heat-pumps, waste to energy and several other features, both at system and sub system level and controls, all running in tandem. The deficiencies we uncover are often energies, in various forms, heating, cooling, electrical, fighting each other, and we help minimize it and propose re-design where applicable along with full set of design documents, certifications, permit applications and more. We maintain our licenses current, presently in three states, and able to secure in other states via comity.

Construction Administration

Construction Administration

SEDESCO relies on its associates, senior technicians and clients' management team in insuring smooth execution of turnkey retrofits and compliances with our safety requirements and clients'. Lockout and tag out procedures are strictly adhered to and all logistics are closely coordinated with the clients' assigned personnel. Project staging, whether in a client provided facility or in a truck (for trade specific small retrofits), all legal compliances and notices are displayed and in case of federal funded projects and projects requiring Davis Bacon compliances, all pertinent certified payroll documents are made available to the inspecting authorities. On large projects requiring subcontract engagements, SEDESCO quality assurance personnel work closely with the respective subcontractor firm's safety inspectors and onsite supervisors to insure smooth and safe project executions. SEDESCO general liability and other insurances further protect clients, SEDESCO and all parties involved from financial liabilities in the event an unforeseen event or accident occurs during our fulfillment of turnkey retrofits and other projects (our professional services assignments also carry errors & omissions, and professional liability insurances)

Sustainable Designs and Facility Conditions Assessments

Our approach in designing facilities support systems (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, alternate energy), energy management systems and controls integration solutions has its roots in environmentally conscious designs for facility mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and various other systems. Our holistic approach includes environmental and ecological sustainability, energy and resource sustainability, as well as society and economic sustainability. We aim at exceeding goals presented by MDBC/Hanover Principles, and maximize local resource use from materials to labor on all of our turnkey retrofits, and generously pay our associates and laborer often exceeding 2x Davis Bacon wage rates; this approach helps us earn our associates loyalty to SEDESCO milestones, exceptionally fast turnaround on complex retrofits and minimizes income/pay disparities that continue to grow among our competition and the industry at large.

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