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Facility Types

Facility Types

SEDESCO brings extensive professional services and projects experiences in over 60 distinct facility types and space use, ranging from high security and mission critical global financial data processing, airports, stadiums, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, jails to variety of regular use commercial buildings, K12 schools, colleges, military and army bases, small and large businesses, archives, agricultural and industrial facilities, laboratories and vivariums, public or multi-family housing (dorms, barracks, nursing etc.), assemblies (conventions, religious, theatrical etc.), sports arenas, natatoriums, and other facilities...

As these facilities are located in variety of climate zones and availability of fuel and related resources differ (and so does the facility system design and equipment), from granite states where natural gas pipe lines are seldom seen and rely on propane tanks, to mid-west and other regions with easy to procure bio-fuels, solutions applicable for the facilities differ. High rise facilities using medium to high pressure air distribution systems including induction air system to large campuses served by hot water, steam and chilled water using miles of distribution piping, we are capable of providing solutions and retrofits for impressive savings. We have been there, done that! Our solutions are just as unique as the facilities and the minds of the folks that designed or build it.

Facility Systems

Life Design

Our approach in designing 'energy management' systems and 'controls integration' solutions has its roots in environmentally conscious designs for facility mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and various other systems. Our holistic approach includes environmental and ecological sustainability, energy and resource sustainability, as well as society and economic sustainability. We aim at exceeding goals presented by MDBC/Hanover Principles, and maximize local resource use from materials to labor on all of our turnkey retrofits, and generously pay our associates and laborer often 2x Davis Bacon wage rates, this approach helps us earn our associates loyalty to SEDESCO milestones, exceptionally fast turnaround on complex retrofits and minimizes income/pay disparities that continue to grow among our competition and the industry at large.


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