Close coordination and early on involvement of our associates, clients staff and vendors in variety of assignments (whether professional consultation or retrofit installations) enables us to gather valuable information that helps effectively address our client facility and business issues. Our expertise and experiences continuously improve as we listen to our people, their creativity and approaches to problem solutions. People skills and experiences helps SEDESCOSM differentiate it from other firms for its breath-of-knowledge, expertise and success in professional services and energy services business, and guaranteed very high returns to its clients.

Behind these values and other sustainability goals, is our founders vision. For over two decades, SEDESCOSM founder, a licensed mechanical engineer in the states of Maryland, Missouri and Minnesota, had a vision for its prospective clients and communities at large; in part inspired by founders involvement in

(i) Renewable energy in 1980s (solar thermal systems) and 1990s (solar photovoltaic electric systems),

(ii) Energy and resource waste reduction solutions for facilities and processes under a United States Department of Energy (US DOE) program in 1999 and 2000, and

(iii) An attendance with MBDCs McDonough Braungart presentation (known for cradle to cradle concepts and Hanover Principles) and other industry experts.

In the following years, with founders additional experiences in energy services industry, a professional services firm specializing in sustianability, energy services and turnkey energy efficiency retrofits was incorporated in Maryland in 2005 as Sustainable Design & Energy Services Company, Inc. (SEDESCO). A decade ago, the present day buzz word sustainability did not much exist nor the Federal Government mandates attempting to bridge the gap between energy and sustainability; whereas SEDESCOSM founder developed expertise in both sustainability and energy services combining it under one firm's expertise.

The founder's experiences after US DOE program in energy engineering and facility systems and process assessments included concurrent involvement with design and energy working for a firm which was a merger of three firms specializing in hospitals, schools (bid spec) and energy services (guaranteed savings performance contracts), and subsequently with nationally and globally respected other large firms specializing in facility related solutions and products to help clients reduce operational costs and environmental footprint. Moving forward 10 years (since US DOE program involvement), SEDESCOSM founder supported clients resource and cost saving goals in several major vertical markets and mission critical operations, and helped firms such as Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Trane and others develop and implement high impact solutions.

SEDESCOSM and its associates will continue our success in providing holistic and value added services to clients' facilities, operations and businesses, and differentiate from other such service providers, in the following areas and without the administrative cost burden and overheads of large firms.

Unique client centric approach leveraging our domain expertise and technical knowledge base

Track record of success in highly diverse projects ranging from basic to very complex retrofits

Diligence and professionalism in successful project development, management and fullfillment

In-house engineering, design, bid/spec and construction administration capabilities

Subject matter expertise in energy engineering, energy services, economics, and financing

Supporting above vision and capabilities are our people. From technical field personnel including our trusted associates, factory trained technicians, laborers and engineers, and our senior management. We are all here to support your cost reduction and environmental goals.

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