Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning and Program Management

For facilities where systems and devices were not commissioned at the time of installation we provide retroactive (going back in time) commissioning which is often referred as retro-commissioning or RCx. We also provide and support new construction commissioning, recommissioning of previously commissioned systems and devices, and ongoing commissioning on a continual basis, program or project management for energy efficiency retrofits or construction projects aiming to help reduce environmental foot prints. We focus on the existing operation of hydronic systems and its distribution within the facility (which includes air, chilled/hot water, compressed air, refrigerant, steam and other thermodynamic fluids) and Facility or Building Management System (FMS/BMS) or Energy Management System (EMS).

Wherever you have outdated control logic or communications issues within your controllers or devices, or damaged linkages, sensor, actuators or lost calibrations, the FMS/BMS/EMS capabilities to optimize your facility operations will drastically reduce and in many cases, increase energy use. Overall functionality will be less than pristine. Whether you require support for plans and documents development for RCx or development of program management guidelines or execution of RCx activities using our experienced and certified associates, we are here to help you effectively develop and fulfill long-term energy efficiency strategies. Whether new construction administration or any of retro commissioning activities, our program management group can lead and support our clients' most challenging project needs.

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